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Paper 0001: Summary of concerns raised by Papakurians towards the Auckland Supercity plans (Issue 01 dated 03Jul2009)

Paper 0002: Summary of concerns about the Auckland Supercity plans, raised by Papakurians during information & submission workshops (Issue 01 dated 03Jul2009)

Paper 0003: Estimated impact analysis of Auckland Supercity plans – official responses from the Department of Internal Affairs (Issue 01 dated 23Jul2009)

Paper 0004: Estimated internal and external boundaries of the proposed Auckland Council
(Issue 01 dated 23Jul2009)

Paper 0005: Evidence of cost savings or cost increases for amalgamations? (Issue 01 dated 23Jul2009)

Paper 0006: Legislation impact assessment for the projected Auckland Supercity (Auckland Transition Agency response, July 2009) (Issue 01 dated 23Jul2009)

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