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Please also goto the 2010 select committee process on the Third Supercity Bill

2009 select committee process on the Second Supercity Bill

This page: Select committeeSubmissions | Information

Thank you to those who lodged submssions in June 2009, during the short timeframe offered..

The select committee process concluded on 04Sep2009 with their report and amendments to the Bill. Further amendments occurred in Parliament resulting in the new laws, Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 (finalised on 22 September 2009).

Select committee

Auckland Governanace Legislation Committee

Select committee's report


The below are the views of the authors; listing here does not imply endorsement by SavePapakura.com

Was your submission rejected?

SavePapakura.com is disappointed with the select committee that over 10% of the submissions were rejected.
Papakura Mayor, Mr Calum Penrose, is strongly concerned and is trying to find out why.
Mr Penrose added he “would like to know if others in the district have also had their submissions rejected and if so on what grounds because we are determined to advocate on behalf of the people of the district".
If your submission was rejected, we encourage you to contact Mayor Penrose and provide a copy of your submission (and the reason the select committee gave in rejecting it):
Email: cpenrose@papakura.govt.nz
Post: Mayor, Papakura District Council, Private Bag 7, PAPAKURA
Phone: (09) 295 1375
Mobile: 0274 936 273
Fax: (09) 298 1906
The most effective action is for you to request your submission be reviewed.

Our group requested the select committee also do a bulk review for timeliness, for rejected submissions and a bunch of incorrectly classified submissions.
An outline of the compromise is the submissions are due for release on Monday 20 July 2009 (whatever they get termed). 53 submissions. And there is a timeslot between 08:30 and 9am for the committee to hear oral submissions from that pile.


About 780 of the select committee submissions requested to discuss their submission at a hearing. (Total does not include form submissions)..

Select committee hearings begin on Monday 06Jul2009.

For those people or organisations offered a hearing, the durations are specifically allocated and not shared with others. A small portion is to summarise some main points, provided examples or add new information; with most of the duration to respond to the select committee's questions. Hearing durations are
SavePapakura.com presentation at Papakura hearing, Monday 20 July 2009. L-R Flash Langley, Janet Phare and Ross Williams.

Position papers

(None at this time; have a look at the above submissions.)

Additional information

Simple information & tips about the Supercity plans and how to make your views known to the Select Committee.

Handouts by SavePapakura.com

Posters by SavePapakura.com

Other resources

Previous free information & submission workshops

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